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Founded on the banks of the Sungei Canal in early post War Singapore, the company first relied on sale of refurbished small tools and hardware. Selling then was primarily to tradesmen seeking personal tools at the walk-in shop. As the Singapore economy industrialised, the company expanded by setting up a second outlet at Syed Alwi Road, from which she eventually moved to her first owned 4-storey building at Jalan Besar in the mid 1970s. The company next expansion was to set foot on the heart of Singapore’s largest industrial estate, Jurong. This Jurong premises housed sales, warehouse, technical and after-sales departments. In doing so, the company trained her focus on customers’ growing sophistication and became the early proponent of After-sales support.

Our desire in providing Best Value ensures that our drive towards meeting
customers' changing needs shall never end.

Why Sing Huat?

While Singapore was riding on the Industrial boom, Sing Huat was quick to realize the strong co-relation between Singapore and her Northern neighbour Malaysia. The company invested into building her largest self-contained branch at Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. By the 1980s, the second branch was established at Johor Bahru, the Southern Malaysian state of Johor; followed by the opening of the Penang office in the North of the Malaysian peninsular.

Together with the implementation of real-time computerlinkage between branches, the company became truly local to customers’ needs, as well as provides improved response. This also meant, that multi-national customers could enjoy seamless support throughout the entire Malaysian archipelago. The company aspires to be the top choice for customers and strive to raise the service bar and setting standards.

Our Product And Services

The activities and products of the company is stronglylinked to the growth of the

Singapore economy. Therefore, tracing through history, from post war to present, one would understand the diverse product groups Sing Huat had established as a result of Singapore’s multi facet industrialisation drive. There are few, if any that house multi-discipline industrial tools with rich expertise and experience.

Our knowledge with the Maritime and ship repair industry enable the products associated with material handling, thermal cutting and bonding, abrasives and surface finishing to painting, to be offered in an entire suite. This is also applicable in infrastructure Construction and Steel Structure fabrication industries.

At the same time, Singapore’s direction to establish a one-stop front-to-back end processing chain for Petroleum and Chemical related plants necessitates maintenance tools for the process control and piping equipment. We have a comprehensive range of Maintenance/Repair & Overhaul (MRO) tools, consumables and equipment to cater to these Plant needs.

With the Electronics sector fuelled by global Telco, Gaming and Computers; the

nano-Precision mould making & metal cutting, Front-end wafer foundry and Chip

Testing & Packaging industries grow the need for precise metal cutting tools such as Turning tools, End-mills, Drills, Threading tools, Fasteners, Adhesives, Gauges for measurement and both work-holding and tool-holding paraphernalia.

We also have a range of Drive and Motion Transmission products to cater for machine builders and automation designers to incorporate into their final product.

Last and if not, crucial to any business, the Transport industry such as Automotive, Mass Land Public transport as in trains and buses maintenance, Aerospace repair facilities and Road construction are Reliability-critical industries which places quality and efficiency in the same balance as pricing. This category of tools simply has to work; and we provide them!

>> We strive to deliver best value.

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