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Sweeper - S-1D
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2013-12-30 20:27


  •  The sweeper for collecting iron pieces such as nails, needles and iron wastes scattered on the floor or road.
    Adopting powerful permanent magnet, you can collect iron pieces even in mud. The sweepers collect harmful iron pieces such as needles and nails to protect human body and rubber types of vehicles and are also useful for recycling purposes.
    Most suitable for collecting iron pieces from the floor in the sewing factory, machine shop or woodworking mill.
    Useful for cleaning warehouse and truck terminal.
    Usable for preparatory work of race track or stadium.
    Suitable for constructing displays in exhibition events and cleaning floors after overhauling.
    Powerful magnetic force.
    Recovered iron chips can easily be released by operating the lever.
    A self-standing and containing type for a small storage space.